Tom Witherick




Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, University of Northampton, 2013-2014

BA Hons Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Art, 2014- present



2014, Group exhibition, School of the Arts Northampton

2015, 1st year show, Wimbledon College of Art

2015, Interrogating the Soul, group show, Safe House 1, Peckham

2016, It’s a Pleasure, group show, Greyhound Gallery

2016, Liminal States, group show, Gallery on the Corner, Battersea

2016, Mirage, group show, A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney Downs Studios

2016, Capsticks, group show, Capsticks Ltd Wimbledon

2017, 109 Nails, group show, Copeland Gallery, Peckham

2017, Currents of Identity, group show, Crypt Gallery, Euston




Nominated for the Prunella Clough Painting Prize, 2016




My practice stems from an interest in Conceptual metaphor, a theory in cognitive linguistics that refers to the understanding of one conceptual domain in terms of another. Deriving from our embodied experience of the world these metaphors shape our literal communication, as well as the way we think and act.

Departing from these ideas my work looks at the object of painting as primarily a space (or place) for an image. By looking at the practice of painting in this regard paintings begin to function as a form of container.


Taking this pre-occupation as subject matter parallels are made between the art object and the functionality of domestic objects. By adhering to paintings object hood and often incorporating found materials, physical objects operate as visual metaphors. Works aim to set up relationships between the functional and representational, the literal and the symbolic.