'dancing around the subject', oil on board,  30x22cm, 2016
'untitled', oil on board, 20x20cm, 2016
'untitled', oil on board,  40x22cm, 2016
'fidget found its place', oil on board, 120x100cm, 2016
'untitled', oil on found wood, cloth strap & painted nail, 100x 15cm, 2017
' Bull and china shop', steel, wood, dowel, acrylic,  25x12cm  2017
'head board' , oil on board, 45x15cm, 2017
'on the horizon', canvas, plywood, oil paint, 27x 15cm, 2016
'head study', wooden box, oil paint, 40x30cm, 2017
'fabricator', painted box, wool, plaster,  24x28x9cm, 2017
'recent window', wood, plaster, oil paint  160x40cm, 2017
'untitled', plaster, oil paint  15x8cm, 2017
'Up and Down'   wood, oil paint  140x60cm 2017
'Things go up, things come down' ,wood dowel, acrylic paint, nuts and bolts  (size variable)  2017
'untitled', plaster, oil paint,  15x8cm  2017
'hot dreams', plywood, linen fringe, oil paint  40x10cm 2017
'lull bit', wood, fabric, cotton thread  15x15cm 2017
' A ticklish situation', chair, plaster, wire, steel, spray paint, 2017
installation shot